We find the right professionals – headhunting for key positions

Rekryhaku is a cost-effective and modern recruitment consultancy firm founded in 2016. We operate nationally, and we find the best professionals for demanding positions. We have received excellent feedback on our recruitment services and executive search processes from numerous employers and candidates.

We are specialized in cost-effective headhunting, which is conducted in an effective and time-saving manner. Thanks to our recent and versatile business backgrounds, we can recognize the right talents for different organizations and positions. We have broad, recent and comprehensive networks in various industries.

We are customer-centered, and we conduct executive search processes in many different industries. Our mission is to facilitate your company’s recruitment process by searching and finding the best candidates for the position and the work environment in question. After this, you can choose the right person from the best candidates.

We are genuinely interested in people and their input in building the success of companies. Therefore, we also understand the importance of personnel choices when it comes to fulfilling the strategic goals of your company.

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